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Tower Proposed at Boston Harbor Garage gets Boost

Don Chiofaro’s proposal for the Harbor Garage has heard a lot of complaints.  However, recently the conservancy in charge of the Greenway has stated that they support the plan.  This is sure to help the proposal move forward towards approval from the Boston Redevelopment Authority!

From The Boston Globe:

“’The conservancy supports replacing the garage with a signature multi-use development which would open connections to the harbor and re-imagine a dynamic four-season public realm,’ the conservancy’s planning director, Linda Jonash, wrote to the Boston Redevelopment Authority. ‘This is an opportunity that should be embraced now.’ The towers Chiofaro wants to build — one 600 feet, the other 537 feet — would house offices, hotel rooms, and condominiums. The towers would be joined by a retail-lined atrium between the Greenway and Boston Harbor.”