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What Should you Ask Your Broker?

Do you ever feel lost as to what questions you should ask your broker/agent prior to working with them? What if you work with a slacker who doesn’t do his homework and you end up with a seedy place, or maybe you don’t connect with them interpersonally so it is hard to ever fully trust them. Well, according to Curbed University, here is a list of questions that will help ease the process and determine your potential broker’s performance and personality:

1. Have you sold property or represented buyers in the locations I’m looking at?

2. Do you have any past clients who I could talk to about their experience working with you?

3. If they are marketing a property for you, what is the process from beginning to end? What efforts will that agent put forth to get your home sold? Are they taking photos with their iPhone and throwing it on MLS and hoping; or do they have a full-fledged marketing plan that takes you from beginning to end?

4. If they are a newer agent, ask who else will be overseeing the process. All agents get their start somewhere and sometimes a newer agent has more to prove, so they will work harder than someone who has been doing it for years. You just want to make sure that someone with experience is looking over their shoulder and able to step in for things like negotiating, etc.

5. Inquire how they work with clients to see if it lines up with what your expectations are. For example, some clients are very comfortable browsing open houses by themselves while others want their hand held through every step.

Hope this helps – good luck!

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