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Boston Winter Apartment Rentals are Scarce

Every mile is two in winter. ~Witts Recreations: Selected from the Finest Fancies of Modern Muses, with A Thousand Outlandish Proverbs, edited by George Herbert.

And this proverb resonates all the more if you’re a Boston resident…

A wide belief amongst most is that winter season, especially in New England, is the time for you and yours to “hibernate”; and a recent projection for this year’s winter rentals proves this hibernation concept a reality.

Up to 5,000 listings were dropped during last years winter months, and listings are forecasted to drop just as much or more this upcoming winter, ’15.

Our advice for the next upcoming months is to stay warm, and settle in to your current apartment because winter listings will be scarce; And with minimal product offered, do you really want to go stomping around in the snow looking for your next warm space to sleep? Definitely not.

So stay warm and hold on to your living quarters until spring appears!