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Atmark in Cambridge is Leasing

Vacancy is minimal and pre-leasing is off the charts in metropolitan Boston. Inevitably, being the smartest big city in America has its perks. And Atmark is a true testament of this. News release of their fine art gallery has increased its pre-leasing rate to a soaring 60% (an incredibly high rate for pre-leasing).

“In the Boston-Cambridge-Newton metro area, 44.8 percent of the population has bachelor’s degrees or above, the fourth-highest concentration of brainpower in the nation, up 7.8 percentage points since 2000 on the strength of a 32.2 percent jump in its college-educated population. That places Boston No. 1 on our large cities list.” [Curbed Boston]

Atmark aspires for their residents to feel a sense of community in every spectrum of their building, and what other fabulous way to support our local artists than to exhibit their hard work.

So for all of you art connoisseurs, what a treat!