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Suffolk Selling Beacon Hill Buildings

- Credit: BeaconHillOnline


Beacon Hill has been presented with a rare redevelopment opportunity by Suffolk University, whom currently is in the process of selling two classroom buildings to the tightly packed neighborhood. The vacant Archer and Donahue six story buildings, which comprise of nearly 175,000 square feet, are in need of tenants. Located at the corner of Derne and Temple Streets, both combines assessed value is about $45 million. The space is projected to attract proposals for hotel rooms, office spaces and residences.

In efforts to shift the center of its campus closer to downtown Boston, Suffolk plans to build an eight-story building at 20 Somerset Street that comprises more equipped classroom facilities in replacement of the recently sold buildings.

In case you or your affiliates are looking to buy, the Archer and Donahue buildings are being marketed by the real estate firm JLL.