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Boston's Most Expensive Rental Neighborhoods

Boston has one of the most expensive rental markets in the country, according to research published by Boston Agent Magazine.  

More than half of the one-bedrooms for rent are at least $2,000 a month and two bedrooms are mostly $2,500 a month or more. 

This price then goes up depending on what Boston neighborhood you're renting in, with the median price getting up to $3,045 for a one bedroom in Chinatown or the Leather District

Despite the high-end prices, the Boston housing market hasn't slowed down, with sales up from 2015. However, there has been disagreements on whether or not rent prices really do affect homeownership. 

Below are the 10 most expensive rental markets based on median rent price and percentage of one bedrooms that are renting for over $2,000:

Neighborhood % of 1-bedrooms renting for $2,000+ Median rent price
Chinatown/Leather District 96.3% $3,045

West End

92.9% $2,515
Downtown Boston 90.5% $2,928
Back Bay 85.9% $2,500
South End 81.4% $2,500
Bay Village 75.4% $2,400
Beacon Hill 74.5% $2,275
Charlestown  73.1% $2,300
Fenway/Kenmore 67% $2,200
South Boston 61.9% $2,200


For more information about available rentals in any of these neighborhoods contact us at leasing@advisorsliving.com!