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The Latest in Luxury Amenities: Residents-Only Bars

Credit: www.therealdeal.com

One of the latest trends in luxury residential buildings is private, residents-only bars and cafes. 

WeLive, an apartment building in the Financial District owned by WeWork, has included this feature with a bar and a communal kitchen open to residents to drink and socialize. 

Many other high-end residential buildings are quickly following this lead, by offering residents private coffee and cocktail bars exclusive to residents within the building. 

This feature is popping up in cities across the country, including Boston, Florida and New York. 

Many even come with bartenders or butlers who come to learn exactly what each residence likes, adding a truly unique touch and a bonus when looking for where you want to live. 

As more luxury buildings work to build a community with its residents rather than just offering a place to sleep, this is another amenity to add to the list. 

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