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Summer Decoration Ideas For Your Home

Summer is finally here and there is no better way to get yourself excited for long days and warm nights than by giving your home some summer-inspired updates. 

Additions of quick DIY decorations or some bigger changes can transform your home, thanks to these tips by Houzz

Outdoor curtains

1- Hang outdoor curtains: Picture beautiful curtains blowing in the breeze and you can basically create your own private summer getaway. Bonuses are privacy and shade when you've had too much sun. 

2- Put seashells on display: On your next trip to the beach collect some pretty shells and maybe a bag of sand, arrange them in a glass vase when you get home and you've created your own centerpiece! 

Outdoor Deck

3- Update your outdoor space: The small addition of colorful cushions, some summer games and some decorations and your space will become a private summer hideaway. 

Summer bar

4- Create a summer bar: Find a pretty tray and put it on top of any table, add some pretty glasses and your favorite drinks and you have the perfect start to a summer party. 


5- Decorate with driftwood: Even easier than the shell idea, adding a piece of driftwood is a simple touch with a beautiful beach effect. 

For more summer decorating tips visit Houzz!

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