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September 1st Moving Day Tips

Boston Moving Day Tips

Moving into a new apartment involves plenty of planning and more than just packing a few boxes and buying new furniture. 

Since most leases in Boston will turn over at the beginning of September, finding movers and dealing with parking and other necessities can be competitive, so it's best to research and plan as much as you can in advance. 

The City of Boston has put together a handy guide to reserving parking for your moving day, learning about resident parking and other tips that will help your move go smoothly. 

  • Moving vans and parking- If you're going to be using a moving van or a truck then it is best to get  a one-day parking permit to guarantee a spot and avoid tickets. It's best to apply for this as early as possible. Find out how here.
  • Traffic and driving on September 1st- In order to alleviate traffic on one of the busiest days in Boston, many streets are closed and parking is restricted in certain areas. Be sure to check ahead to see how these closures could affect your move. Also remember that moving trucks are not allowed on Storrow Drive due to low clearance!
  • Household waste- It is important to learn the best way to get rid of waste properly in your new neighborhood and to be aware of rules and regulations when getting rid of larger household items. On the Boston Trash Day App you can view the collection schedule for your neighborhood, set up notifications search which of your materials are recyclable and more. 
  • Resident Parking- There are a number of options when it comes to getting a resident parking permit and many steps you need to follow in order to prove your new residency and register in your neighborhood. You can find a step-by-step guide on the City of Boston website.
  • Rental Requirements- It's important to understand your rights and the rules of the city when you move to your new home. You can find all the tenant resources here

Still haven't found a home for September 1st? Contact our advisors today for help finding your new home!

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