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The Cost of Your Pet Friendly Apartment

Pet friendly apartment

Finding an apartment is hard enough, finding an apartment that will allow you to bring your furry friend can be even harder. Luckily it is still possible! 

We've got a huge selection of pet friendly apartments throughout most Boston neighborhoods and if you don't see the right one for you, you can register and be notified when more become available.

Found the perfect apartment, but questioning whether you can afford a pet to go with it? Apartment Therapy put together a good breakdown of the hidden costs you'll need to budget for when buying a pet. We've included the top 10 here.


There is always a fee when it comes to adopting, this varies based on where they come from and the type of pet. 


Some buildings and landlords will charge extra fees to keep your pet. Make sure to check this when renting your new home.


These can include leashes, collars, ID tags, crates, beds, litter boxes. Any small purchases that will add up in the long run. 


Pets have dietary needs just like humans and it is important to factor in these costs and add them to your weekly spend on food. 


Daily stimulation is important and can be costly, especially if your pets tend to destroy their toys. 


In a rental this is especially important so that you don't face any major damage fees when moving out. You'll need things to remove stains, odors and just to clean up everyday messes. 


Mostly just related to dogs, but training your pet to behave is especially important to make sure they don't destroy your new home, but this can be another costly expense. 


This can be one of the more costly expenses and are important to keep in mind, whether for basic check ups or unexpected illnesses. 


Another easy way to keep your home cleaner is to keep your pet properly groomed, but it can be costly.


If you're not working from home and you're living in a smaller space in the city, it will be important to pay a dog walker or some type of daycare to come and take your pet out during the day. 

Getting a pet is almost as big of an investment as having a child, so it is important to consider these factors and more before making the commitment! Read all of the tips on Apartment Therapy