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House Design in Boston

Summer Decoration Ideas For Your Home


Summer is finally here and there is no better way to get yourself excited for long days and warm nights than by giving your home some summer-inspired updates. 

Additions of quick DIY decorations or some bigger changes can transform your home, thanks to these tips by Houzz

1- Hang outdoor curtains: Picture beautiful curtains blowing in the breeze and you can basically create your own private summer getaway. Bonuses are privacy and shade when you've had too much [...]

New England Nautical Touches For Your Home

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Now that it looks like the sun is here to stay for a few months, Apartment Therapy has come up with some DIY tips to add a New England nautical twist to your home. 

Rope is a simple way to incorporate a classic summer style into your home and here's 10 easy ways to do it yourself. Hint: most of these involve covering items you already own in [...]

Small Apartment? Big Possibilities- 12 Ways to Design a Small Space

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Boston condo and apartment prices are on the rise after a record year in 2015.

The price increase hasn't deterred residents from flocking to the highly sought-after urban spaces, but it does mean that in order to stay affordable many of these spaces are decreasing in [...]

CBS Boston: Lightweight Beams Can Contribute to House Fires

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- Credit: Boston.CBSlocal


After reading a recent report from CBS Boston, we are a bit taken back by news of hazardous building materials that are prevalent in many homes built in the past ten years.

“People have no clue what this lightweight construction means to their safety if there is a fire,” Wisconsin firefighter, Jo Brinkely-Chaudoir [...]